North Waterloo Scouting E-Mail Service

The North Waterloo Scouting E-Mail Service is an automated system used to send e-mails to people who subscribe to the Service. Subscribing is a 2 step process:

The confirmation request e-mail is generally received within 5 minutes from when you initiate the request to subscribe to the Service.

The 'safest' way to accept the confirmation is to click on the LINK in the confirmation request e-mail rather than using the Reply feature of your e-mail program. This is because e-mail programs may add text to the subject line (eg "Re") which may cause the system to ignore your reply.

When you confirm your registration with the Service, the welcome message includes your password for the Service. You only need to use the password if you want to change your information, such as your e-mail id. Please note that your password will be sent to you by e-mail if you request it, so keep in mind e-mail is not secure. It is therefore a good idea NOT to use a password you use for other purposes (eg your bank website's password).

Please do NOT reply to e-mails sent by the Service. If you want more information regarding a specific e-mail, contact the person(s) indicated in that message. If no contact information is included in the message, you may send your questions to the Webmaster, who will forward your message to the appropriate person.

Messages sent by the Service do NOT display members' e-mail ids.

Subscribe with the North Waterloo Scouting E-Mail Service

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Problems / Questions

Contact the Webmaster if you have any problems or questions about the Service.

Send an e-mail to the Webmaster if you have a message you would like sent to the North Waterloo E-Mail list.

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