Honours and Awards

Scouts Canada offers many honours and awards for all of its registered members:

All it takes is you to start the process. Many members have already received recognition by the Area, but many more awards are deserved. Take the time to browse the information available here to help you decide if you know someone who deserves formal recognition.

e-mail Any questions should be directed to to Brenda Calma, the Honours and Awards Coordinator, North Waterloo Area.

Awards Here is a list of the many members (42 Kb PDF) the Area has already recognised for their contribution to Scouting.

The Honours & Awards Guidelines (4 Kb PDF) will help you determine what information is helpful when submitting a nomination.

Here is a brief description of the available awards:

If you are fortunate enough to have been awarded a certificate, you must now figure out where to place it on your uniform. Look no further than this document (45 Kb PDF)!

Adult members receive recognition for their 5th, 10th, 15th etc. years of service. This form (9 Kb PDF) can be used to record your years of service.

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