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Donations to Scouting

In order to make a donation to Scouts Canada for a particular use (eg. to a Group or camp) and receive a tax receipt, follow these steps:

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Scouts Canada Act

Read the Scouts Canada Act at the Canadian government's website. "Boy Scouts of Canada" will officially become "Scouts Canada" when the act is passed.

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Event Bank Account

Our new Events account is now open. The account number is: 0067-5202213. Deposits to that account may be made at any branch of the TD Canada Trust.

Participants should be instructed to FOLLOW THIS PROCEEDURE to the letter.

  1. Cheques deposited to the Event Account should be payable to "Scouts Canada".
  2. When making a deposit to the Event Account the Scouter must obtain a deposit receipt from the teller.
  3. The Scouter must write on the back of the receipt identifying information including the event and the name of the group or person(s) on whose behalf the deposit is ade.
  4. If the deposit is being made on behalf of more than one group (or more than one person if it is a "by person" event) attach the deposit receipt to a list of groups or persons and note the related event(s).
  5. Give the receipt to the person on the event organizing committee responsible for the financial aspect of the event. In this way they will know that the fees or registration has been paid.
  6. The Scouter responsible for the financial aspects of the event must give those reciepts to Scouter Ted Claxton who is acting as Treasurer for the Event Account. The Reciepts can be placed in an envelope and left in the mail slot at Scout House marked Event Account.
  7. These records are extremely important. In order to have accurate records we MUST be able to know from whom the money came and for what event it is to be credited.
  8. Any Scouter making a deposit should call or e-mail the event chair to confirm the deposit has been made and that the deposit slip is available.
  9. Cheques for Requests for funds from the Event Account will only be issued to the maximum of documented deposits. To put it in straight forward terms, no deposit slip no cheque.
  10. If there are undocumented deposits, funds will only be released after the accounts have been reconciled with the bank statements and there is written confirmation from the Scouter who made the deposit that it was intended for the use of a specified event.
  11. This is an all volunteer system. Keep in mind that Scouter Ted is not available 24/7. Cheques must be cosigned by one of the three other signing officers. None of them are available 24/7. We will make every effort to be of assistance but we cannot guarantee any fast turn around.
  12. We have some undesignated funds that will be released on the authority of the Area Commissioner. All other funds will only be released by cheque at the request and direction of the Scouter or Scouters responsible for the event.

We will provide a copy of all the deposits to the event committee. Contact Ted Claxton if you have any questions.

In future these instructions will have to be added to the event application forms.

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Scouting Vespers

Scouting Vespers contains a verse for each section, but how many know the words for each section? Here's your chance to learn them. PDF file — 3 Kb.

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